Twist Pro combo pack 46

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The Twist pro 46 pool broom cuts maintenance time in half because it combines the functionality of the bottom landing net, vacuum cleaner and corner brush. In addition, it allows the cleaning of pool floors with the handle in the central position but also the roller shutter boxes with the offset position. The aluminum design makes it a durable product.

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Twist Pro 46 pool broom

The pool broom for shutter boxes and pool specialists

Modular handle of the pool broom

The TWIST PRO pool broom cleans both pool floors in a central position and submerged shutter boxes in an off-center position thanks to its modular arm.


Patented suction of swimming pool broom

The Twist pro 55 pool broom halves the maintenance time of swimming pool floors thanks to the patented suction technology that combines the functions of the landing net, the bottom vacuum cleaner and the corner brush in one pass.

The leaves are channeled before being aspirated and collected in a leaf trap. Brushes designed to loosen the most stubborn particles allow an optimal finishing job.


Efficiency at the service of your profitability

Thanks to its efficiency, the Twist Pro broom allows 1 to 2 additional interventions each day. Your purchase pays for itself in less than a week.

Directional handle of the pool broom

Exceptional maneuverability for unparalleled ease of use (diamond pool bottom, pole end).

Removable side suction brushes

Adapt the configuration of your Twist Pro to your work in one click.
With brushes for rubbing and vacuuming angles. (steps, corners, …)
Brushless for more performance on pool floors.

Sustainable product

The 2mm thick anodized aluminum design makes it durable.

Suction height

6 mm to facilitate the suction of piles of leaves.

3 mm to increase the suction power.

Combo pack

A protected broom, easily transportable and always operational thanks to its integrated spare kit.


For orders over 20 brooms, please contact us.


Function: Bottom landing net, pool vacuum cleaner and corner brush.

Use: Pool bottom, finish and submerged roller shutter box.

Type of coating: any type of coating.

Suction length: 46 cm.



-1 TwistPro 46 broom

-1 Carrying Case With Strap

-2 Side Brushes

-1 Spare Parts Kit (4 Wheels, 4 Axles, 2 Pool Clips)

Product weight: 2.6 Kg

Pack weight: 5.3 Kg

Informations complémentaires

Poids 5,3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 22 × 16 cm

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