About us

Nodipool was founded by Barthélémy Naudin, engineer entrepreneur, eager to design the most efficient products on the market, in order to facilitate the work of swimming pool professionals.

Nodipool is a young company from France.

Our values

Our tools are built to last

Icône de validation par la communauté

Nodipool makes it a point of honor to design resistant tools.
We made this choice above all to offer you tools that last a long time, but also with a view to reducing the rate of renewal of our products, and therefore of “reproduction” in the factory.

This commitment is reflected from the design stage, by the choice of materials used and by their sizing.

When we equip you, it’s for years of heavy use.

It is because you are an actor in the development process of our products that they are effective.

The whole process of developing Nodipool’s products is based on the iteration of prototyping and testing stages with swimming pool specialists.

We carefully listen to the feedback from pool specialists in order to make the necessary improvements until we obtain the ideal tool.

It is only after having validated all these steps that our products are marketed.

The tool that best suits your needs is the one you create.


Do you want to contribute to the design of your tools of tomorrow ?

Contact us and share the problems you encounter on a daily basis, we will find the solution together!