Twist Pro pool brush

For submerged shutter box and pool bottom


The best performing pool brush

Perform up to 2 additional maintenance per day

The Twist Pro pool brush cuts maintenance time in half. In a single pass it does the work of the bottom landing net, the suction broom and the corner brush. Thanks to its effectiveness, Twist Pro allows you to perform 1 to 2 additional interventions each day. Your purchase pays for itself in less than a week.

Finally, clean the pool cover boxes!

Twist Pro is the only broom designed to clean submerged shutter boxes. It has a modular handle with 2 positions, one for the submerged shutter boxes and the other for the pool bottom.

Why has the pro twist become the benchmark for pool builders?

Easy handling of the Twist Pro pool brush

Twist Pro gives you exceptional maneuverability for unmatched user comfort. Thus, the use of the pool brush at the end of a pole or in swimming pools with a diamond tip bottom is effortless.

Photo Twist Pro

Heavy-duty pool brush

It has been designed for intensive use, the main part of the broom is made of 2mm anodized aluminum to ensure optimal durability.

A product thought out down to the smallest detail

The Twist Pro carrying case allows you to easily transport your equipment in complete safety and reinforces your professional image with your customers.

Contains :

  • 1 broom
  • 1 carrying case with strap
  • 2 side brushes
  • 1 spare parts kit (4 wheels, 4 axles, 2 pool clips)

Removable side suction brushes

Adapt the Twist Pro configuration to your work in one click:
– With brushes for rubbing and vacuuming angles. (steps, corners, …)
– Brushless for more performance on pool floors.

Adjustable suction height

– 6 mm to facilitate the suction of piles of leaves.

– 3 mm to increase the suction power.

Twist Pro 46 55

Available in two sizes

– 46 cm for any type of pool:
Ideal for swimming pool specialists.

– 55 cm intended for large pools:
Ideal for campsites, communities and hotels (Recommended for pumps with a flow rate greater than 20 m³ / h).


After testing the Nodipool brand broom, I noticed a real difference compared to the traditional broom. An efficient suction chamber as well as excellent maneuverability.

Thibaut De AraujoSwimming pool manager - Ramatuelle sector manager - Aqua 2a

With Nodipool, maintenance becomes cooler! User for over a year, this tool has become essential for my technicians. If I had to sum up the product in one word: EFFICIENT.

Benjamin GardansTechnical manager LA ROCHELLE - Lr Spa & amp; Pool

Technical characteristics of the Twist Pro

balai piscine twist pro globale
Compatible with Ø 38 and Ø 50 pipes Elbow fitting (patented concept)
Modular arm with 2 positions: – Pool bottom – Submerged cover box (patented concept)
Compatible with standard handle
Durable: 2mm anodized aluminum
Available in 2 sizes: – 55 cm – 46 cm
Compatible with any coating (casters + brush)
Removable side suction brushes.