Spin Filter

40,83 HT / 49,00 TTC



The Spin Filter is a revolutionary, fast and efficient cleaning system for spa filters and pool cartridges. Operated by a jet of water that rotates the cartridge, expelling dirt by centrifugal force.

The water jet allows :

1- The mixing of water with the particles that clog the cartridge

2- Rotation of the filter, which expels the water + particles mixture thanks to centrifugal force.

Product benefits

  • Greater efficiency: achieve perfect cleanliness in 10 times less time than with a traditional comb, while using 10 times less water.
  • Cleanliness: Don’t get dirty! Particles are thrown to the front and back of the filter. Position yourself on your side and you’ll avoid any splashing, unlike the traditional method where you get your shoes and pants dirty.
  • Effortless: No need to hold the cartridge with one hand while watering with the other.
  • Universal compatibility: Compatible with most cartridges, except those for Magiline and Desjoyaux filter blocks. Adjustable length (from 5 to 99 cm) and adaptable diameter (from ø 7 to 30 cm) guarantee maximum fit.
  • Chemical reduction: A clean filter significantly reduces the use of chemicals.
  • Extended filter life: A clean filter extends filter usage and hydraulic system life, preventing pump overload.


For more information: http://nodipool.com/spin-filter/https://nodipool.com/?lang=en

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